Transforming the way we communicate

We’re awash in data, and overloaded with boring prose – written and spoken. Nick believes that we need to up the ante on ourselves to tell stories and convey the right emotions with the content. He’s taken his message to executive retreats, annual meetings, high-level training sessions, winning sales functions, high-tech conferences and entrepreneurial conclaves around the world.



Popular Keynote Topics


Unforgettable Storytelling
To hold someone’s attention you have to be able to tell compelling stories. Nick leads audiences in an interactive session that will have them finding their own stories, increasing their persuasiveness, and learning how to move people to action.
The Secrets of Body Language
Brain research shows that most of us make decisions based on unconscious, emotional reactions to other people’s body language. Nick reveals to audiences what body language can – and cannot – tell us about how our minds work and how our lives are really lived.


Neuroscience and Executive Presence
Nick shows why people crave authentic communications – and explains the neuroscience behind executive presence. Audiences learn how to develop their own unique personal styles that allow their voices to be heard more powerfully than they ever have before.
High Stakes Communications
In this talk, Nick helps executives understand why most corporate communications fail to connect with their intended audiences – and what they can do to improve these expensive efforts in marketing, branding, and messaging. When the stakes are high, you have to get the communications right, and Nick shows audiences what works in this era of 24/7 YouTube exposure and gotcha TV.



“Dr. Nick Morgan was the highlight of our Annual Convention, with a tour de force keynote address that accomplished the seemingly impossible: providing an effective, interactive, how-to primer on public speaking to an audience of over 400 attendees, ranging from sales people to chief executives. Nick had our audience’s attention riveted for the entire two hours.”

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