Power Cues

The Subtle Science of Leading Groups, Persuading Others, and Maximizing Your Personal Impact


In a world where digital communication—email, tweets and texts—has taken the place of traditional face-to-face interaction, the underlying subtleties and social nuances that once accompanied real time conversations are now lost behind a screen, and we’re more distracted than ever.

In POWER CUES Nick Morgan examines new brain and behavioral science revelations about how humans communicate, and the importance of authentic face-to-face interactions—visual cues, subtle gestures, sounds and signals that elicit emotion—and the profound implications for leaders who are not in-tune to them. By tapping into these new findings leaders will understand how to become much more persuasive and successful and communicate more effectively.

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The book explores seven important nonverbal power cues

Leaders can use these power cues to better control their own communications to take charge in meetings, dominate groups, and speak in front of audiences with charisma and persuasive eloquence no matter the subject, or occasion. Nick encourages leaders to ask themselves important questions such as:

– How do you show up when you walk into a room?
– What emotions do you convey through your body language?
– What unconscious messages are you receiving from others?
– What’s your persona when you connect with others?
– What honest signals do you send out in key work and social situations?

People crave leadership. This practical step-by-step guide will help individuals become the best possible leader they can be by aligning their unconscious power cues with conscious content to connect powerfully, communicate more effectively, and command influence.

Endorsements for Nick Morgan’s Power Cues

“A practical and useful guide… a blueprint for effective leadership.”
~Publishers Weekly

“Finally, a body of work that defines the importance of how the human form communicates. Morgan has researched how humans interact and summarizes it into tips from how to use your gesture and voice to command a room. Bravo on a defining piece of work around how to communicate confidently with influence.”
~Nancy Duarte, CEO, Duarte, Inc.; author, HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations

“The profound wisdom in Power Cues has transformed my life. Since paying close attention to the nonverbal communication aspects of my speeches, I’m generating much higher ratings from participants, I’m invited back again and again by happy conference organizers, and I am booking more gigs through referrals. Nick Morgan’s ideas are radical (and therefore not for everybody), but for those who want to reach the top of their fields through truly effective communications what you will learn here works brilliantly.”
~David Meerman Scott, bestselling author, The New Rules of Marketing and PR; professional speaker who has delivered talks in more than 40 countries and on all seven continents

“Nick Morgan is masterful communicator and teacher who has written another must-have book for anyone serious about greatly improving their interpersonal communication and leadership skills. I wish I had this book ten years ago! A very helpful, informative, and engaging read — wow! Perfect for teachers, students, business people, and beyond.”
~Garr Reynolds, author, Presentation Zen and The Naked Presenter

“This is one of the most important books that you will ever read. Not this year. Ever. There’s that old saying that words account for only 7% of your communication. This means that your personal brand is screaming so loud that nobody can hear a word that you are saying. Power Cues covers the other 93% (and even some of that 7%). My hope is that everybody in the workforce today will read this book. More importantly, I wish that every student would be forced to read this book and /or take a class with Nick Morgan on this topic.”
~Mitch Joel, president, Twist Image; author, Six Pixels of Separation and CTRL ALT Delete

“There are few skills more important in the 21st century than communicating with persuasion. Nick Morgan is a true master of this craft, with advice and insight honed in many decades as a speaking coach. Read this engaging book and watch your impact soar.”
~Pamela Slim, bestselling author, Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together